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    Ken Wapnick's Endorsement of Jamie Fettig
    Ken is considered by many to be
    the best teacher of A Course in Miracles

    November 15, 2009

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    November 11, 2009

    Moving Beyond the Body

    A Course in Miracles – moving beyond the ego


    The ego is a projection of a thought in the mind

    But the mind is beyond time and space and cannot be localized

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    If you think you are a body, you are not. You a projection of the thought of separation

    Change the purpose of the body, and you change the purpose you have given your ego and the world around you.

    Body becomes the classroom, and unlearning the limitations on love can begin.

    The original purpose of the body, is to keep us here, to make the illusion real, by making us believe we are a body.

    We are not here to learn love, but to say no, to the saying no of God (which was the thought of separation)


    If I realized, If you realized, that you are just a thing, not a body, that you are part of the mind, this would help me not take the world so seriously

    What are you protecting, upset about, planning for, protecting. There is nothing out there, you are not your body.


    Use the experiences here as a way to get back to the Mind.

    Rather than going to where the course is, we try, the ego wants us to bring the course into the dream.


    You have to re-train the mind, because the fear is so great. The fear that you will be gone, disappear, and cease to exist (which you will do as long as you think you are a body)


    From the text
    There is a shock that comes to those who learn that their savior is their enemy no more – that you and I are the same – who am I going to project my guilt on – there is a weariness that is aroused by learning that the body is not real – there are overtones of seeming fear of the happy message that God is love – seeming fear because fear is not real


    If God is love – there is no separation

    There would be no making the body real, if you were not fearful of losing yourself to find God. So we make up a  body and world to hide our decision we made, to believing in the ego.

    That is why we made the body to feel – because that makes the body real.

    Feeling makes the body seem real, like eating, breathing, sex, or anything else.

    Until we realize the purpose of the body (which was to keep us stuck here in the illusion) –Change the purpose  to realize none of this is real. The body is wholly neutral.

    Pleasure and pain are the same – to establish the reality of the body, the reality of this illusion, and the reality of our separate and seemingly special self.

    Purpose is everything

    Making the body feel, is what keeps Me from being found

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  • Where will we be found, the Mind – the same place God’s love is.

    This course will help you grow up and realize you are not a body, you are a mind

    You cannot grow up as a body, you must grow beyond the body

    You know you crossed the rung, when you know the You Jesus addresses, is not the you in the mirror that does anything – it is the decision making mind – then you read the course differently – it is not about bodies


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    November 8, 2009

    Special Relationships

    First, what is a special relationship?

    The simplest definition I have heard is

    Where you need something from someone or something

    Special relationships are not just with people, but with any “thing” that we think we need something from.

    ·         Need money from a job?

    ·         Need pleasure from your toys?

    ·         Need reliability from your computer?

    These are all special relationships.

    There is only one lesson we are here to learn, but until we truly learn it, we must learn that lesson with specific circumstances of life.

    So lets focus on “people” special relationships, as that is what most of us give away our power with.


    One of the prime characteristics of special relationship is, it is exclusive – it excludes some one or some thing else, in fact, usually lots of others and lots of things.

    The holy relationship includes all

    But this does not mean in form, you can exclude people you hang around with, or are intimate with, but not in your mind. What happens in your mind.


    Only one special relationship – said a few different ways – meaning the same thing

    ·         Is between Mind and the ego

    ·         Is between the mind and the Mind of God

    ·         Is between God, and our decision not to laugh at the tiny mad idea.

    Only one Holy relationship – said a few different ways

    ·         mind and HS

    ·         mind and Jesus

    ·         decision maker and God


    There is only the special relationship at the beginning of time, the thought of separation – as there is no time


    What is the ego – nothing

    Where is the ego – nowhere

    So what is there really to have a special relationship with?


    IF (notice that is a big if) you did all of what the course says – there would be no you to do it.

    Be not afraid of losing yourself to find God.

    But that is what we do, we are too afraid of losing ourselves, that we don’t really want to find God.


    If you loved the course you wouldn’t need it – most people have a special love with the course

    Having one is not bad, there is only to realize if it is, and smile gently at it.


    Pg 606 of the text:

    There is no time, place or state where God is absent


    Because God is in my mind – he and his love are not absent anywhere (the memory – or the purpose – forgiveness)


    In no single instant does the body exist at all

    I am not a body, I am as god created me – the only lesson in the course repeated 3 times.


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    So what is it we are doing, when we ask Jesus to change our special relationships, to make them “better” (or to change anything)

    We are asking Jesus, asking God, to bring part of their love, into our separateness, and specialness, our illusion, and change our illusion. To make our illusion, our dream better.

    It is like this:
    We go to the movies, and ask Jesus to change the movie, we have seen it, it makes us cry.
    And this is just as insane to ask Jesus to change the world – there is no world out there, ideas leave not their source.

    Instead, there is to ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help you see the relationship (all relationships) through their eyes.

    And if you did, you would see the peace, love and joy present and connecting us all.




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    November 5, 2009

    Letting Go of True Fear

    Everything we do – EVERYTHING -  is for one of two purposes, and for almost everyone at all times, is for one purpose - to reinforce body as real.

    We do not have fear of finding God, we have fear that when we find god, we will lose our self/ego/autonomous self – this is what we are truly fearful of.

    What is the Ego  = belief we are on are own


    Our Fear of giving up the ego – fear of fully giving love to god – fear of losing yourself


    The ultimate Zen Cohan is this:

    What do you do when you read passages in A Course in Miracles that tell you your eyes don’t see, your ears don’t hear, and brains don’t think?

    Most of us just split it off – I just won’t think about it, otherwise I would think myself out of existence

    If you fully thought about this, fully tried to understand, what it means, that your eyes don’t see, your ears don’t hear, and your brain doesn’t think.

    But we don’t, we split it off.


    The problem is not what we think.

    One of my favorite quotes, is from Einstein, which says:

    We cannot solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created it.

    The problem is, not what we think or how we think, or the solutions we think of.

    Or even what others think, or solutions they think of.


    Thinking is the problem, not what we think – we think we think – that is the problem


    You do not fear the bodies weakness – but the absence of the strength or weakness

    (tall or short – life or death – sick or healthy, etc)

    Would you know that nothing (the body) stands between you and your brother?

    You are the same mind as everyone else.

    You fear, that if there were nothing to make you special, no weaknesses, the body would not be real, and you would be faced with the Love of God, and lose yourself.


    There is a weariness that is aroused by learning the body is not real. That weariness is the Ego, fearing the disappearance of itself.


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    October 31, 2009

    Relationships, Sex and Money

    a 3 hour seminar in Bismarck ND

    How could these 3 hours change your life?

    And it comes with a Guarnatee, that these 3 hours, will alter your life.

    if not, you pay nothing.

    Want to know how it can change your life?

    Read more about it here.

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